The Benefits of Sound Commerce

The digital transformation will define the future and prosperity of emerging markets

Attracting the right trade and investment partners is key to the future prosperity and economic sovereignty of a country.

The Digital Transformation has the potential to bring economic sovereignty and prosperity to nations and their citizens. However, if it is done incorrectly, it will attract unwanted influence, control, and dependency.


The Plaza Platform by Newdea, is an open-source platform enabled on the blockchain. Plaza provides countries both technologies and frameworks they need to achieve economic sovereignty. The platform incorporates proven Economic Convergence strategies, accelerated with the proper implementation of the Digital Transformation.

Democratizing Commerce

Creating Confidence for Trade and Investment

Every competitive paying job that commerce creates in the developing world diminishes the crippling grip of poverty period.

The global success of economic convergence, especially when accelerated by a well governed digital transformation, will create the economic environment needed to attract favorable trade and ethical investment partners.

Countries with foresight and leadership can engineer themselves to be the most attractive investment targets in the developing world, create millions of competitive paying jobs and achieve economic sovereignty.

Beneficial Commerce

When each participant in the value chain executes their specific role, a beneficial and successful commerce is generated.

Beneficial Commerce can only develop in an environment that attracts the right private sector partners. These partners focus on the long-term benefits and adequately reward everyone in the value chain.

Government + Private Sector + Citizens

Connecting the Heart of the Value Chain

Newdea is driven to create the environment for prosperity and economic sovereignty. This is achieved by helping governments create the economic environment to unleash the power of the private sector – producing competitive paying jobs, increasing tax revenues, and building the digital economy of the future. Our Economic Framework, Maturity Model, Private Sector Toolbox, and User Platform work together toward a more Beneficial Commerce model.

 Governments witness in real-time how their economic policies impact business decisions. Businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs have access to evaluate regulatory processes, trusted data, potential customers, and infrastructure planning. Citizens have access to e-government services, commerce, financial services, learning platforms, social engagements, and entertainment. 

The Plaza Platform

The Plaza Platform is designed to foster robust and beneficial commerce in the emerging market countries. Designed with the proven models of Economic Convergence but built for the future of the digital transformation, Plaza’s provides valuable solutions to build prosperity and sovereignty for all participants on the platform. utilizing a global self-sovereign digital ID.

The Plaza Token

Rewarding the Value Chain

The Plaza Token is designed to reward everyone in the value chain for their contributions to the Plaza Platform. We expect to have a White Paper completed by Q4, 2021. If you are a qualified investor interested in receiving a copy of our white paper when it is available, please sign your name on the waiting list.