7 Spheres of Influential Roles

Creating the Environment for Prosperity

The Seven Spheres of Influence have traditionally been used by missiology as a model for understanding how guiding principles of each sphere create the future values and ethics of a nation. When leaders clearly define the values, they seek in each of these spheres and begin to implement them as strategies, you will begin to shape the future of your country accordingly – good or bad.

At Newdea, we believe that understanding the distinct role each of these spheres should play in society leads will lead to a more beneficial society. When these roles compete with each other rather than work in tandem, economies and society progress begin to stagnate.

We focus primarily on the roles of government and business. If you believe that business is the source of generating money for all other sectors, it is also the primary source of job creation, then the role of government is to create the right environment for business to thrive. When governments get this environment right, commerce will grow, tax collection will increase, and poverty will be reduced in a significant way.