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Because a good job is the most powerful
weapon in overcoming poverty .

Let’s generate great jobs!

Countries that create the most attractive business and investment environment will see the greatest prosperity over the next 20 years. Newdea has created the Plaza Platform that helps countries develop the economic environment to compete for commerce.

The Plaza Community is the place where government, private sector, and citizens connect to create the heart of the value chain.  It is being built for the Digital Transformation in partnership with governments in the Developing World to create Beneficial Commerce.  Plaza is where countries develop the economic setting to attract investors and businesses that respect and compensate the entire value chain. This proven model generates jobs which leads to a significant decrease in poverty, increased tax revenues, and ultimately economic sovereignty and prosperity for both citizens and governments.

We partner with Heads of State who seek true and everlasting change in their governments – leaders who seek effective models to bolster their nations economies and to end AID dependency.  We have built a network of top decision-makers across several key sectors of industry such as AID organizations, multinational corporations governments, and investors to forge a movement towards decisive change. In addition, the Plaza Community is empowering citizens and individuals to control their own data and financial future and have a voice in driving change towards a more Beneficial Commerce.

Our strategies have been developed by working with global business and investment leaders along with the support of multilateral organizations that seek to participate in proven economic models that grow local economies. By creating the right economic environment along with the digitalization of these economies, countries can:

This is known as Economic Convergence – where governments converge towards the requirements for business and investors to engage. The Digital Transformation, built on the framework of Economic Convergence, is needed more than ever due to the economic effects of COVID and high levels of debt that have decreased aid funding.  The market is ready as a large young population is now motivated through technology, while multi-national businesses are requiring resources and new markets, governments need to digitally reach their citizens but also increase tax collections.

It is estimated that each year over $1.3 trillion of private investment sits on the sidelines just for Africa alone – waiting for the right business conditions.

Newdea has developed proprietary solutions, modeled from the success of countries like Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Dubai. Economic Convergence is built on sound business policies versus relying on natural resources. By building on this knowledge and utilizing the benefits of the digital economy, developing countries can accelerate economic convergence and independence in half the time.