Why Newdea

Newdea has been active in more than 190 countries for over a decade, providing software for the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) programs for Governments, Social Sector, and Business ESG compliance. The close relationships we’ve developed with key players and organizations in government, NGOs, consulting, investment and business have led us to assemble the building blocks of a game-changing technology platform married to proven economic development policies that attract the business and investment communities.

Newdea has 10+ Years of “Feet-on-the-ground” Experience in almost 200 Countries

Those relationships with heads of state and CEOs of major corporations have helped us gain insight on a better model for convergence, placing Newdea in a unique spot today to help countries pivot from dependency to economic convergence and begin on the path towards true, sustainable economic freedom.

The opportunity is massive for the developing world to implement Newdea’s prescribed policy changes and accelerate the path to prosperity. In fact, economic convergence of the developing world with the business and investment sectors of the developed world is estimated to grow to a $2.3 trillion per year opportunity.


Established Relationships and Buy-in

Newdea has secured key partnerships to help scale and implement economic convergence. One of those is with Smart Africa, an organization made up of 24 African heads of state whose mission is to develop and deploy information and communications technology across the African continent with the goal of rapid economic development. Newdea’s partnership with Smart Africa calls for the implementation of Newdea’s new initiative across all 24 member nations.


Learn more about the Newdea team

Our management team, board of directors and technical advisors are among the foremost experts in big data, blockchain development, finance, large-scale data transformation, platform development, international business and business intelligence.



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