There is massive economic disparity in our world today. The rich seem to get richer and the poor get poorer.

Nearly every economic indicator showing the performance of the global and globalizing economy leads to an unmistakable conclusion: economic disparity among and within nation states is on the increase. The harsh reality is that the majority of the developing countries continue to see slow or even negative economic growth.

But there are signs of hope—there are developing nations that have beaten the odds economically. Those countries, including South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, are outliers—but do share some crucial similarities that we have analyzed.

Throwing Money at the Problem

Developed nations have worked to address these issues with a myriad of solutions, including aid, loans, and other programs that essentially throw money at the problem, but don’t solve it. This dependency often leads to corruption and misuse of funds in the developing nations, further prolonging the establishment of sustainable growth.


Newdea has a better idea.

It’s Time to Make a Choice

We believe that prosperity and dignity can be achieved in developing countries by accelerating commercial activity and actively facilitating convergence with developed economies.  This is called Economic Convergence and is one of 3 established economic models, established by Clark Kerr:

  • Dependency— relies on economic aid and loans from the developed world, creating a vicious cycle of dependence
  • Economic Convergence— converges your country’s policies, laws and assets to meet the needs of the developed world’s private sector, to create the right economic environment to attract investment, thereby creating jobs, sustainable growth and innovation
  • Divergence— cuts your country off from the developed world whether due to dictatorship or internal conflict, resulting in isolation, extreme poverty and corruption

Learn more about Economic Convergence in the Resources section of our site.

The Solution

Economic Convergence is the only proven method for generating massive numbers of sustainable jobs. Realizing convergence in developing nations requires cooperation with private sector business in the developed world. And to attract that private sector participation, a country needs to commit to creating a “business positive” environment.

We have methodically analyzed countless efforts to provide economic prosperity in the developing world. Global trends in big data have provided a new perspective on opportunities and policies that promote private sector investment.

Our work on both the data and development sides gave rise to our new business approach: a comprehensive model called The Newdea Maturity Model.

Our Maturity Model melds the growth-oriented policy that business needs, with cutting edge technology and user communities to jump-start the convergence process and involve all citizens. Our model combines top-down policy prescriptions, the power of big data (and its significance as a sovereign, sustainable resource) and bottom-up user communities, all enhanced by blockchain technology.

Learn more about Newdea’s Maturity Model.

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