Our Mission

Our goal is to bring dignity to individuals and communities in the developing world by fueling sustainable national economic growth for today and tomorrow. We do this by empowering governments, businesses, social sectors and citizens with the data and transparency to confidently invest in strategic and meaningful employment.

Poverty becomes a thing of the past, as a nation is able to create millions of jobs and mine an inexhaustible sovereign resource – Data. It may be a lofty goal, but after decades of work in 190+ countries in the developing world, Newdea has seen what works and what doesn’t—and most importantly, why.

We bring the proven lessons of economically successful nations together with the massive capabilities of today’s technology and our proprietary IT platform. The end result? The power to accelerate economic growth and monetize a nation’s data, while providing 100% accountability up and down the economic chain.

It is literally the power to change the world.

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