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a software tool created by Newdea for monitoring and evaluation
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what is the project center?

Project Center provides a dynamic environment for learning and performance, empowering social sector
organizations to effectively manage, measure and achieve project, program and sector-wide outcomes.
Project Center uses a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model which provides real-time information that is
accessed from anywhere, anytime, over the Internet. Along with comprehensive program management
and communication tools, Project Center has it all, in one place.

key benefits

  • Transforms program data into useful information to illuminate what is and is not working, providing transparency, accountability and insight to evolve programs toward sustainable impact
  • Measures and optimizes overall program area performance by aggregating indicators and budgets through structured and centralized program management data repository
  • Improves productivity with workflow management tools, alerts, dashboards, and internal and external reporting capabilities, keeping your teams focused on the most important work
  • Minimizes IT resource requirements, risk and complexity while increasing agility through a powerful Cloud platform. Alleviates costs, bottle-necks, downtime, and potential data loss associated with managing your own special hardware, databases, installations, and downloads

key features

  • An M&E solution outlining baselines, target and milestones for charting projected vs. actual performance on an unlimited number of indicators
  • User-defined framework of inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes and impact based on a digitized logic model makes planning and evaluation dynamic and visual
  • Tasks, workflow, approval processes, and performance alerting allow for proactive program management and timely course corrections
  • User-defined organizational structure with unlimited projects for aggregated reporting and collaboration of program data
  • Role-based user dashboards that cumulate data, highlighting projects and tasks that require attention
  • Robust budget structure with planned and actual views, multi-level rollup, currency, and upload/download capabilities
  • Key project updates featuring images, human interest journals, measurements, accomplishments, narratives, and custom fields provide complete data collection
  • Flexible roles and privileges security provide for finite access to project data throughout the organizational hierarchy; allows for secured access by contractors and partners
  • Ad hoc custom reporting capability makes information management flexible and easy

Translate environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting into sustainable business values.

Improve program funding eith up-to-date performance metrics against clearly-defined objectives.

Manage your program to achieve full-scale outcomes and reports against your progress.

Provide your partners with the right M&E solutions to collaborate and track aggregated outcomes

Attract investors and create impact through a well-defined and a theory of change.

Power active collaboration among private sector. NGOs and Governments.

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