Newdea Outpath - We have created Newdea Outpath (currently in early beta) as a place where you can begin your own personal journey toward achieving the outcomes – your outcome path - that lead to the greatest impact – for free. At Newdea Outpath you can begin to collaborate with others, set up multiple programs, employ a range of impact-generating tools, and connect with a range of information at our learning center on how to achieve greater impact.

Outcome-based Program Management – We provide the most comprehensive project management and Monitoring and Evaluation tools for social sector and ESG in the industry. Project Center provides a dynamic environment for learning and performance, empowering social sector organizations to effectively manage, measure, report, and achieve project, program, and sector-wide outcomes.

Impact Granting and Investment Management – Our funder-management tools integrate with our program management tools to allow you to connect directly to the results of your social investments – creating transparency, efficiency and collaboration with the entities you support.

If you are funding any type of impact grant or investment, you have the powerful tools to develop and manage your strategies and outcomes as well as empower your partners with the tools they need to manage their impact. Set standards for all of your investments and roll up the indicators in real time to know where you stand.

  • Promotes more active involvement in the success of funded programs by creating and interacting with measurements and milestones, helping you to define and track success.
  • Illuminates whether programs are performing or underperforming by being managed to their outcome objectives.
  • Measures and optimizes overall program area or investment theme performance by aggregating indicators across investments, helping you to identify best practices as well as overlap.
  • Cultivates an ongoing collaborative relationship with investment recipients with the goal of improving overall effectiveness and internal efficiency, providing real added value.

Professional Services – If you need help developing your theory of change, managing your outcome-based plan, or would like training on how to utilize our solutions, we provide services to help you with our own staff or with some of our strategic partners around the world.

Strategic Partnerships – If you are a consultant or contractor working in the social sector who has clients that need solutions to better manage their programs, please contact us to discuss our strategic partnership options.