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Newdea provides the social sector’s most comprehensive monitoring and evaluation solution. Newdea’s cloud-based/SaaS solution’s customers include corporations, governments, grant-making organizations, nonprofits/NGO’s and impact investment funds.

Newdea employs an outcome-based methodology that enable its customers to transform data into information and provide a true picture of the impact they are making. Its systematic approach follows the DIKW (Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom) continuum which has been proven outside of the social sector to make companies more impactful. We believe that as the social sector also matures through this continuum, it too will become more innovative, cost effective and ultimately more impactful. Newdea’s solutions greatly accelerate the process for organizations of all types and sizes.


Newdea Outpath- a free, cloud-based solution that enables the social sector to collaborate with others, set up multiple programs, employ a range of impact generating tools, and connect with a range of information on how to achieve greater impact.

Newdea Project Center – the most comprehensive project management, monitoring and evaluation tools for social sector and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) in the industry, enabling organizations to effectively manage, measure, report and achieve project, program, and sector-wide outcomes.

Newdea Impact Granting and Investment Center – industry-leading impact granting and investment management tools for grant-making organizations, governments and impact investment funds to develop and manage strategies and outcomes as well as empower partners with the tools they need to maximize impact.

Newdea Professional Services – Newdea and Newdea-certified partners provide expert assistance to customers in developing their theory of change and designing/managing outcome-based programs.

Key Facts

  • Newdea solutions are all cloud/SaaS based, offered on a per-user subscription basis
  • Newdea serves the social sector, estimated to be a $4-7 trillion in size worldwide
  • Newdea is a purpose-built, comprehensive alternative to managing social sector programs and initiatives through manual processes and spreadsheets
  • Newdea was established in 2000
  • Newdea customers are in 135 countries
  • Newdea is a solutions innovator in the social sector technology space with a significant patent portfolio

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Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111
Sales Team: 1.877.412.4829
Support Team: 1.720.249.3030