Our Story

For over a decade Newdea has provided the social sector with the most comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation software in the industry. Our customers consider us as the trusted partner that turns their data into information, knowledge and wisdom as they try to change the world.

This is because we care about impact. We were founded on the principle that the social sector could improve dramatically if it advanced from data and storytelling to becoming information and knowledge driven. For organizations and agencies that are focused on solving long-term problems, innovation needs to be part of the solution and this can only happen with a focus on outcomes and a structure that enables learning from both successes and failures in their activities and outputs.

We believe the future of the social sector will also require better partnerships and cross-sector collaboration. This new convergence will require trusted information around long-term impact and outcomes versus the continuing expansion of unstructured data collection and focus on short term outputs. Newdea’s patented solutions provide each of the stakeholders with the management and reporting tools to collaborate and solve long-term social issues.

Our customers include major multi-national corporations who take ESG seriously as a part of their long-term plans to remain competitive. It also includes governments who recognize the need to better manage resources and ensure that programs are meeting the needs and expectations of their constituents. We also work with grantors and funders who truly want to make an impact by partnering with their recipient organizations rather than reading activity reports. And finally we work with some of the leading non-profit and non-governmental organizations to get them focused on outcomes and manage their progress towards achieving them.

If you are interested achieving greater results or if you are a consultant working with clients who do, then we would love to talk to you and see how we can work together to change the world.