Nonprofit Organization

Manage your programs to achieve full-scale outcomes and provide reports against your progress

Newdea’s Project Center enables the nonprofit organizations to effectively design, manage, measure and evaluate project, program and sector-wide outcomes.

Project Center prepares your organization to meet the opportunity driven by the convergence of nonprofit, for-profit and hybrid mechanisms for creating and delivering innovation to the social sector. Our advanced M&E and project management solution does this by:

  • Transforming program data into useful information, illuminating what is and is not working and providing transparency, accountability and insight
  • Measuring and optimizing program-area performance by aggregating indicators and budgets through a structured and centralized program management data repository
  • Improving productivity with workflow management tools, alerts, and dashboards, in addition to internal and external reporting capabilities

All Newdea solutions are cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings that minimize IT resource requirements, risk, and complexity. Newdea’s approach reduces total costs, capital requirements and the built-in obsolescence of traditional solutions, and immediately recaptures the lost productivity associated with attempting to manage complex collaboration through spreadsheets and other manual processes.