Executive Management

Troy Stremler – Chief Executive Officer

Troy oversees the overall strategy of the company, and is the visionary behind Newdea's mission to lead and empower impact-based philanthropy. His goal is to create a standard in impact reporting for nonprofits and enable a new way of philanthropy for major donors. Troy is a recognized leader in the nonprofit sector and brings more than 20 years of intensive experience working with donors, nonprofit organizations, foundations, and government granting agencies on operational and governance issues. Prior to founding Newdea, Troy held diverse management and consultant roles to various businesses, most recently as the Founder and CEO of Mission Builders International. Troy's successes allow him to be extensively engaged in corporate strategy and planning sessions with global leaders in government, wealth management and philanthropic organizations.

Andy Killinger – Vice President, Engineering

Andy leads our technology and engineering group. He has been designing/building and managing large scale information systems for decades with a focus on making data accessible and increasing its value throughout the organization. Prior to Newdea, Andy was Senior Vice President of Black Knight Financial leading their government services group for 8 years and lead a team as large as 90 people. Additionally, Andy has started several startups and generated products used to build fighter jets, decide hundreds of millions of dollars in investment, send probes into space and impact the educational system.