Free Tools

Welcome to Newdea Outpath (currently in early beta) as a place where you can begin your own personal journey toward achieving the outcomes – your outcome path - that lead to the greatest impact – for free. At Newdea Outpath you can begin to collaborate with others, set up multiple programs, employ a range of impact-generating tools, and connect with a range of information at our learning center on how to achieve greater impact.

You will find a range of free tools at Newdea Outpath, a place created by Newdea for all members of the social sector to begin or accelerate their journeys to realizing true social sector transformation, starting with a well-conceived outcome theory and management plan. As we refine our tools and create new ones for your use, Newdea Outpath will continue to grow and develop. As your organization grows and your needs become more complex, everything you do at Newdea Outpath can be seamlessly integrated with Newdea’s industry-leading suite of outcome-based program management, impact granting and investment-management solutions.

Newdea Outpath is free, and it’s easy to get started – just provide your name and your e-mail address to create your account.