• "The journey to transformation begins with a paradigm shift from tracking activities to operating from an outcome theory and management plan. The right information and knowledge solution builds upon that foundation to enable truly transformational impact to be realized."

    Troy Stremler, Founder and CEO, Newdea
  • "Data is often just filing bins, costing money to collect and store. We must invest in the approaches that structure data into information that can be analyzed and acted upon for impact"

    Honorable Timothy Gandu, Kaduna State Commissioner (retired); President, Joy International College
  • “Until organizations empower their people to focus on more than just collecting the data - but on analyzing, organizing and actually acting on structured information - we won't begin to see true transformation in the social sector.”

    William Brindley, Chief Executive Officer, NetHope
  • "The knowledge and understanding that arises from applying the right information at the right time is the engine of better decision making and positive change in an organization."

    Diana Gimba, PhD, CEO, Ra-ah Institute of Development
  • "Wisdom is the use of knowledge for the greater good. Knowledgeable people, working in concert, change the world."

    Elisabeth Cochrane, CEO ACE Development
How Can Newdea Help You Become Truly Transformational?

Corporate Environmental Social & Governance (ESG)

Translate environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting into sustainable business value

Grant-Making Organization

Improve program funding with up-to-date performance metrics against clearly-defined objectives


Provide your partners with the right M&E solutions to collaborate and track aggregated outcomes

Impact Investment Fund

Attract investors and create impact through a well-defined and executed theory of change

Nonprofit Organization

Manage your programs to achieve full-scale outcomes and provide reports against your progress

Consulting Firm

Power active collaboration among the private sector, NGO's and Governments